Second Bathroom Remodeling Tip: Establish a budget and be careful not to overshoot it

I have seen people who decide by thread and by sign the pieces of furniture to be included in their new bathroom, such as a washbasin cabinet or a shower cubicle, only to realize that they will not enter the space in any way. they have available.

very elements they have chosen with so much effort (and waste of time) is always burning. Fortunately, the market allows you to take advantage of several alternatives, so you can always find the furniture that suits your bathroom and that you really like.

The first suggestion for your bathroom is therefore this: in a correct planning process you don’t have to start from the choice of bathroom fixtures and furnishings but from an in-depth knowledge of the space available .

paper and meter and make a precise survey. Only with the actual measurements in hand can you proceed to choose both the layout and the model of sanitary ware and furnishings.

finding the position at the sanitary ware is a bit like playing a tetris in which you have to be able to fit all the pieces taking into account the dimensions and space for maneuver.

Usually one of the sore points are bathtubs: bulky and with a shape that is not easy to integrate. The market makes them available to you in all sizes, they can be installed anywhere, even iHowever, more than for all the other furnishing elements, in the case of bathtubs you need to know precisely the dimensions available to you: only as a result will you be able to understand what are the ideal sizes of a bathtub that can be installed in your new bathroom .

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